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What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a suite of tools made to manage your productivity and security needs – under one license. It combines best in class tools like Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security to empower your team with the tools they need to work together, get more done and keep your business safe.


Short on time? Read this quick rundown: Five Fast Facts about Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Bringing Together Best-In-Class Solutions

Your best bet for buying Microsoft 365 is to go through a Microsoft Partner (like Micro Solve!). A Partner can help you purchase and manage your licenses (or can do it all for you, if you’d prefer that). They can also help you determine which plan (or plans!) will best fit your needs.

Empower Your Team, Secure Your Business and Simplify IT Management with Microsoft 365

Why Micro Solve?

Your best bet for buying Microsoft 365 is to go through a Microsoft Partner (like Micro Solve!). A Partner can help you purchase and manage your licenses (or can do it all for you, if you’d prefer that). They can also help you determine which plan (or plans!) will best fit your needs.

We’ve helped hundreds of business improve their productivity and security by moving to the Cloud. When it comes to the Microsoft Cloud – we’re experts. Really. We’re Silver certified by Microsoft in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions.

When you move to the Microsoft Cloud (whether it’s Office 365, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure) with Micro Solve, you’ll get dedicated Customer Success Manager and Advanced Cloud Support.

Microsoft 365 vs. Office 365

Because of the similar names, it’s easy to confuse Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 365. This comes from years of people mistakenly calling Office 365 the wrong name. Just to make it a little more confusing, Microsoft 365 includes Office 365. So, if you have Microsoft 365, you get Office 365, but if you have Office 365, you may not have Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Plans and Pricing

Microsoft 365 plans include options for both small businesses and enterprises, as well as Education. Pricing varies based on the plan. You can mix and match plans to fit your specific needs.

Please note, the prices seen here only include the cost of the licenses. While there is no set-up fee, if you need an outside company, like a Microsoft Partner, to help you migrate to Microsoft 365, there may be additional costs associated with that. Those costs will vary from company to company.

Not sure which plan works best for you?

Book a time to talk to our expert to help determine the best fit.

Microsoft 365 Plans Comparison


Microsoft 365 Plans


Enterprise F1

Enterprise E3

Enterprise E5

Cost – Price per user per month $20 $10 $34 $61.10
Maximum Users 300 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Office 365 Version – included as part of Microsoft 365 license​ Office 365 Business Premium Office 365 F1 Office 365 Enterprise E3 Office 365 Enterprise E5
Windows 10 – Operating system included as part of Microsoft 365 license*
Online Access to Office applications – work in Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the web
Desktop versions of Office applications – download desktop versions of Word,  Excel and PowerPoint
Business Class Email with Calendar and Contact (Outlook)
Cloud File Storage (OneDrive for Business)
Unlimited Online Meetings IM and HD video conferencing with Teams and Skype for Business
Manage your business in the Office 365 Business Center including Outlook Customer Manager, Bookings, Listings, Invoicing, Connections and MileIQ
Enterprise Voice Phone System and Audio Conferencing with Cloud PBX and PTSN Conferencing
Advanced Analytics Programs like Power Bi Pro and MyAnalytics
Mobile Device Management with Microsoft Intune
Protect against phishing attacks with Safe Links and Safe Attachments in Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
Keep sensitive information inside your organization with Data Loss Prevention
Encrypt your data with Bitlocker
Advanced Security and Compliance programs like Advanced eDiscovery, Customer Lockbox and Advanced Data Governance
Additional Security Programs Windows Information Protection Windows Information Protection Windows Information Protection Windows Information Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Office 365 Cloud App Security
*Microsoft 365 Business includes upgrade rights for Windows 10. User must have Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 Pro or higher.

Other Plans

Microsoft 365 for Education

There are two plans available for Microsoft 365 Education: Microsoft 365 A3 and Microsoft 365 A5. Both include Windows 10, Office 365 for Education, elements of EMS, and Minecraft: Education Edition. A5 also includes additional security features (similar to Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5).

Microsoft 365 for Non-profits

Non-profit organizations can get Microsoft 365 Business licenses for a reduced price for $5.00/user/month. You will need to verify your non-profit status. More details are available on the Microsoft site.

Microsoft 365 FAQs

Here are our answers to your Frequently Asked Questions!

Who should use it?

Microsoft 365 will work for most businesses. It’s ideal for businesses with security concerns or compliance needs. With Enterprise Mobility + Security included, Microsoft 365 has built-in security features like mobile device management and Windows Defender to keep your company and your employees’ secure, no matter where they’re working.

It’s also a good fit for companies who want to simplify their technology management and budgeting. Microsoft 365 combines the operating system, email, productivity programs like Office, and security apps all under one license and one management console.

Who shouldn't use it?

Microsoft 365 can work for every business, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for everyone. Not surprisingly, the pros and cons of Microsoft 365 closely mirror the pros and cons of Office 365.

Some businesses who may not see the benefits of Microsoft 365 include:

Businesses without a reliable internet connection: Most of the features in Microsoft 365 are cloud-based, meaning you need an internet connection to access them. If your company doesn’t have a reliable internet connection, Microsoft 365 and Office 365 aren’t going to be a great fit.

Businesses with particular line-of-business application needs: If you have a line-of-business application that’s slow to update or requires an older operating system, Microsoft 365 isn’t going to be for you. It includes Windows 10 and will get the latest updates as they come out. This is great for some businesses but may not work for everyone. Always check your line-of-business application requirements before you update your operating system.

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