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As a Managed Service Provider, we are your IT Team.

Most small to mid-size businesses have a ton of tech tools, software, apps, and systems to help them run—and most small to mid-size businesses don’t have the resources (or, quite frankly, the time) to make sure all those tools are running correctly. That’s where we come in.

Micro Solve is an outsourced IT company based in Cairo, Egypt. We work with businesses to make sure they’re using the right tools for their needs, that those tools are working as expected, and that they’re actually providing value.

Looking for IT Support for your Organization?

We can be your Full Time IT Team!

Outsourcing your technology needs to our IT support staff lets you get back to the business of serving your clients without having the worry about IT headaches. Imagine having a team ready to serve you that never calls in sick, never leaves you hanging. We are the 24/7 helpdesk and technology consultant you need.

We’ll solve your technology problems and help you plan for the future.

On a daily basis, we handle issues that pop up with your technology, whether planned or unplanned–everything from fixing computer errors to checking into potentially malicious emails to setting up computers for new employees. We’ll also meet with you quarterly to discuss the big picture: your business goals and the tools you need to get there, your cybersecurity and disaster recovery plan, and budget planning.

One of our core values is “We deliver phenomenal experiences”—if you’re not getting a phenomenal experience, you have the right to fire us at any time. We believe in re-earning your business with every interaction and we won’t lock you into a long-term contract.


Pricing Options for IT Support

No business owner likes surprises when it comes to expenses. We believe your technology costs should be predictable, which is why we work with customers on a recurring, flat-fee basis.

Our most popular option, All-You-Can-Eat pricing is a monthly fee covering nearly all of your IT support needs (exceptions being large, one-time projects, which are quoted separately). We assume ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing, and problem resolution for your IT systems so you can focus on your business. We guarantee response times, so you’re not sitting around wondering when you can get back on track.

If you don’t like us, you shouldn’t be stuck working with us. That’s why we don’t trap you in long-term contracts. We work with our customers on a month-by-month basis, and if you’re unhappy with our IT support services, you’re free to walk away at any time.


Fractional CIO Services

Would you like to have someone on your executive team help you make the right technology decisions? As a part of your IT support team, we will work with you as a Chief Information Officer (CIO). When we better understand where you want to take your business, we can form a technology plan to help you get there.

Some examples of our CIO services include:

  • Annual technology budget plans
  • Risk mitigation strategies, including employee security awareness training
  • Vendor negotiations (such as ISP or software renewals)
  • Security audits

Want To Have Us As Your Full Time IT Team? Great!

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