• Security Solutions
    Simple security for complex threats
>Next-Generation Firewall

Consolidate the myriad of point solutions to enhance overall security effectiveness at the network’s edge.

Unstructured Data Security

Identify and manage data throughout the process—from creation and storage to deletion—to protect sensitive information.

Next-Generation Endpoint Security

Proactively protect endpoints from advanced threats using innovative technology to combat the challenges of today and the future.

IT Security

Micro Solve Security Services have been designed to meet your unique needs, including the Internet, social media, business continence, compliance policies, and standard business operations. We work with you to provide the assistance you need - from consultation to implementation and integration to full outsourcing - delivered in a set of individual solutions that focus on specific aspects of enterprise security. We combine the best security products with years of network and security expertise to provide solutions with unparalleled quality, to address your enterprise requirements.

Compliance Readiness

Evaluate your IT environment and gain compliance information, tools, and solutions to comply with the standards in your business and industry.

An ever-increasing governmental focus on compliance means that it is more than a business practice; it is a business requirement. Management faces the responsibility of creating a risk management strategy, linking business processes with technology infrastructure, compliance requirements, and data management. This strategy directly impacts the ongoing success and long-term impact of the organization. Micro Solve Compliance Readiness Service is designed to help you design your Compliance strategy. This includes identifying and understanding which standard applies to your specific business practices, and to help you prepare for a compliance audit. In addition, Micro Solve can assist with IT provisioning and on-going maintenance/health checks.

    Key Benefits

  • Design and implement an IT compliance strategy pertinent to your industry and your business operations.
  • Review existing IT controls, document areas of improvement, assess security framework.
  • Develop, extend, or validate an IT Governance framework.
  • Develop a roadmap to meet the requirements for the internal IT framework and a compliance audit.
  • On-going maintenance and monitoring to ensure continued optimum network performance and compliance accordance.

Secure your information and IT network by proactively identifying weaknesses in your security posture.

Micro Solve Vulnerability Assessment Program assesses your network for inventory and system risk information. Based on a comprehensive 5-step process, and customized criteria, Micro Solve experts track current organizational risk, and document progress that has been made in risk reduction.

    Key Benefits

  • Helps prevent financial loss - and reputation loss - through fraud or exposure from hackers, extortionists and disgruntled employees.
  • Helps you create proactive remedial and mitigation roadmaps, to avoid network penetration as much as possible - or minimize the impact if it does happen.
  • Ensures network security remains strong, while your staff focuses on key core business operations.
  • Keeps business systems and processes running without disruption.
  • Provides the due diligence and compliance you need for industry regulators, customers and shareholders.

Monitor online activity and take appropriate action to address and resolve questionable website content immediately.

Micro Solve Content Management Services integrate seamlessly with leading network infrastructure products to offer unequaled flexibility and control over web-based information. Both users and IT administrators will experience improved productivity, reductions in legal liability, and IT resource optimization.

  • Allows IT administrators to establish custom policies to manage employee Internet, network, and application use. This includes balancing work-related and personal Internet use
  • Minimizes the effort required to set, enforce, and maintain Internet use policies through an easy-to-use central management console.
  • Allows for customization of report templates, block pages, and webpage category names in Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Provides accurate and comprehensive web filtering.
  • Enables organizations to optimize their network bandwidth by prioritizing and managing traffic in real-time.
  • Allows organizations to distribute administrative tasks across departments, groups, or locations to increase visibility within individual areas and to reduce the burden on

Respond immediately when your IT network is compromised by reducing the time-intensive investigative procedure to create a comprehensive reponse.

Once a security breach occurs, retrieving the information and understanding what happened are critical steps to restoring business and preventing future downtime. Micro Solve Forensic Discovery Services assist customers in recovering and analyzing data and activity related to security or organizational policy breaches.

The methodology for the Micro Solve Forensic Discovery Service is executed in the following phases:

Phase 1 - Pre Engagement Planning
Phase 2 - Initial Discovery and Assessment
Phase 3 - Systematic Data Gathering
Phase 4 - Detailed Data Analysis
Phase 5 - Discovery Report

    Key Benefits

  • Discovering and documenting damage to systems which may have been involved in a virus outbreak or security breach.
  • Reconstructing the events that led to a security or user policy breach.
  • Searching and cataloging systems containing unauthorized confidential information or illicit files.
  • Retrieving the lost information.
  • Staff Augmentation to support an organization's internal resource requirements.

Understand how data leaves your network and establish policies to track or minimize its transfer, using our secure and reliable DLP solutions.

Information leaving an organization's network is often done with innocent intentions; consider a diligent employee taking work home with them by either emailing it to a personal email address or using an USB key. It doesn't have to have malicious intent, but the results can be disastrous for an organization, as it is ultimately responsible for the data. Understand how information leaves your network, and establish policies to track or minimize its transfer. Data Loss Prevention Services from Micr Solve include trustworthy, secure, and reliable solutions from leading DLP organizations.

    Key Benefits

  • Protect your IT network gateway and minimize data from exiting your network.
  • Maintain responsibility for your client's filesa
  • Improve employee productivity by implementing a DLP strategy that enables file access, without increasing liability issues.

Enable your users to work where and when they like, while ensuring real-time visibility and control over the network access.

The rising popularity of mobile computing expands the need for an advanced Network Access Control Strategy. Employees can access corporate information using smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, and shared computers. Micro Solve Network Access Control Services are delivered to arm IT administrators with real-time visibility and control over mobile devices and network

    Key Benefits

  • Enable your users to work when and where they like, using convenient and accessible devices.
  • Protect your corporate information by identifying and securing the devices which access it.
  • Track the data as it makes its way onto various devices, keeping a record of its activity.

Integrate real-time contextual awareness while inspecting your network's activity and identifying threat attempts.

Dynamic and complex IT environments result in an ever-increasingly number of attempted network attacks. Just as corporate IT departments become more sophisticated, so does the attacker industry. Keeping on top of the attempts can also be a complex process. Micro Solve professionals work with industry-leading solutions to provide Intrusion Prevention Services. IPS integrates real-time contextual awareness as it inspects your network's activity, continually monitoring and reporting on your network activity and potential intrusions

    Key Benefits

  • Identify which computers and networks are trying to access your corporation information, thereby minimizing the potential for data attack and theft.
  • Increase your visibility regarding your IT network and host configurations, applications and operating systems, user identity, network behavior, and traffic baselines.
  • Assess the impact of events on the network, automate IPS tuning, and streamline user identification tools.
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Collect, analyze, identify gaps, and prioritize network-security and compliance data to streamline and manage your information processes.

IT administrators and managers continue to face ongoing and increasing challenges when managing and securing the vast amount of information logged daily about network and security operations. Categorizing, storing, securing, finding, and accessing it are complicated processes when the amount of data continues to grow. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Services from Micro Solve will collect, analyze, and prioritize network-security and compliance data. We help you assess your current requirements, identify gaps, and recommend powerful solutions to streamline and improve your information management activities. We can also implement the solution and train your employees for ongoing support and maintenance.

    Key Benefits

  • Identify, collect, analyze, and prioritize log and event data to identify high-priority security incidents in real-time
  • Turn unstructured raw data into valuable business information
  • Arm administrators with actionable insights to simplify compliance, optimize incident management, and secure virtual and physical networks
  • Access real-time reports for quick remediation and response times
  • Proactively mitigate future risks by understanding your network's usage and threats to its infrastructure and applications

Provide policies and controls to identify, allow, block, or limit Web-based applications, while merging user demands for increased communications.

The Internet has changed the way we conduct business and communicate with each other. Social media and Web 2.0 applications, while enhancing our online experience and our ability to communicate, also require more system resources and increase threats to our network's security. Application Security Services from Micro Solve provide policies and controls to identify, allow, block or limit Internet-based applications. Merge user demands for increased Internet-based communication with the compliance and security demands of your data management policies. Our services offer flexible ways for you to architect and deliver IT services to your business users.

    Key Benefits

  • Create granular policy definitions to enhance identity awareness capabilities.
  • Control user and group application usage according to their needs.
  • Address and refine network security, productivity and resource utilization.
  • Arm your business users with a safe way to interact with applications and Web 2.0 widgets, including instant messaging, social networking, video streaming, and VoIP, while addressing your network's bandwidth activity.

Protect your IT network using multi-layered encryption policies, without compromising user activity by designing a policy for your compliance needs.

Encrypting data is one of the critical stages of creating and managing a secure network. Today's IT environments require multi-layered policies, which increases the complexity for administrators. Multi-layered encryption can also be challenging for users, as they face slow transfer rates. Encryption Services from Micro Solve address your network security demands, without compromising user activity. As part of our approach, we analyze your network to identify devices and files requiring encryption, assess and apply appropriate compliance requirements, and then design an encryption policy to suit your needs and environment.

    Key Benefits

  • Ensure user identity with multi-factor pre-boot authentication
  • Offer centralized logging of port activity for audit, forensic, and compliance requirements combined with central policy enforcement
  • Prevent unauthorized access and data loss from missing or stolen devices
  • Provide multilevel platform support, including Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux
  • Cross device support, including desktops, laptops, USB flash drives, backup hard drives, CDs, and DVDs

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