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Contact Center

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Every Call Matters

At Micro Solve we understand that your main concern is delivering a premier customer experience, and with our Call Center Communications Solutions we can help turn your customer service representatives into customer experience Superheroes. Today Contact Centers have evolved from mere Call Centers to Customer Service Centers, where relationships are cemented and your company’s reputation gets tested during every call.

Your people are your greatest asset. Provide your customer service representatives (CSRs) with high quality products & solutions they’ll notice. By taking steps to improve turnover rates in your customer service organization, you can experience direct and dramatic boosts to your bottom line. The cost of recruiting and training customer service representatives (CSRs) adds up quickly. Micro Solve can help you control those costs by making your team’s time on the phone more comfortable, more reliable, and more productive..

    Create a better environment

    Your CSRs want customers to hear them just as much as customers want to be heard. But the din of a busy customer service center can be distracting and tiring for the CSR and annoying to the customer.
    How can you make a better workplace for your CSRs?

  • Give your agents the right equipment to communicate clearly wherever they are—in a traditional call center, working from home, or in another part of your organization.
  • Beware of consumer-grade products & solutions that are NOT tuned for professional use. With our products & solutions, hearing fatigue can occur over the course of long work days.

Instill pride

Attract and retain CSRs by giving them the best tools to do their jobs. High-quality products and engineering minimizes distraction, fatigue, and ultimately burnout, Micro Solve Solutions protect them. By investing in High-End equipment you value them as professionals and are prepared to equip them accordingly.

Better customer experience With smarter solutions, your customer service representatives (CSR’s) can provide customers exactly what they need with ease. Arm CSR’s with superior audio technology that minimizes background noise and lets customers communicate with less aggravation. Great customer service is about effectiveness, not efficiency. Take every opportunity to provide a more seamless customer experience. 40 percent of customers today contact customer service after they have looked for answers to their question via self-service. That means the customers your customer service representatives (CSRs) are serving are smarter, better informed—and far more likely to be escalating a situation—than ever before. To evolve your customer service center to better help these customers, make improvements in three key areas

    Your people

  • CSRs are the voice of your brand. Make sure they’re being heard loud and clear.
  • Empower your agents to resolve customer problems fully and quickly.
  • Avoid repetition and conversations that last longer than necessary by providing them with high-performance Call Center technologies.

    Your places

  • Consider integrating and distributing CSRs throughout your company to facilitate collaboration.
  • Offer flexible workspaces, including home working.
  • Provide CSRs with separate places to communicate, collaborate, concentrate, and contemplate.

    Your processes

  • Wherever possible, automate processes, reduce complexity, and increase effectiveness.
  • Minimize the risk of customer frustration by mitigating process failures.
  • Integrate communications between the front and back office.

By providing CSRs with superior noise-canceling technology, all-day wearing comfort equipment, easy to use and interact software interfaces and stylish designs, your CSRs will be more engaged and responsive to customers’ needs.

In order to run an efficient contact center, you need technology that works. Micro Solve has a history of delivering superior Contact Center Solutions, Products and Services. With Asterisk we offer, build and customize variant solutions and services that respond to the daily rigors of your contact center. Most executives still view customer service centers as cost centers, and that attitude carries over to the customer service representatives who staff them. The costs of poor call quality are real. Customers have high expectations, and if they have to fight to hear and be heard by a customer service representative (CSR), you could lose their business. It doesn’t have to be this way. Use these tips to get ahead of potential issues in your customer interactions:


  • Look for potential problematic outcomes before they happen by understanding issues in the process flow.
  • Think about how your IT systems interoperate and maximize the information those systems can share.


  • Get the right information to the right CSR in an effective manner.
  • Make communications interactions more predictive and intelligent.
  • Give CSRs the ability to focus solely on customer needs

You can’t control everything about your customers’ interactions with your company. But you can tip the odds in your favor by giving your CSRs our high-quality, reliable solutions and products that are specially built with full understanding and awareness of Contact Center needs .

Investing in a better communications infrastructure, on technology that works and is built to last, is one of the smartest financial decisions your company will ever make.

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