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Our History

Since our inception, Micro Solve has been focused on improving the productivity of our clients. Micro Solve has been on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving technology scene since 1998. Since then, we have enhanced the efficiency of many of businesses operating throughout the EMEA with our consistently superb network consulting, flexible service delivery model, and our superior technical support and IP telephony integrated solutions. Our list of satisfied clients includes commercial businesses, educational institutions and government agencies. Our sustained, systematic growth in combination with strategic mergers aand acquisitions have positioned us as a leader in high-end systems integration for all major IT manufacturers, and, as the primary Original Equipment Manufacturer for the New England region with our own Think mate brand of computer systems

Our Vision

We provide you with essential computing services that seamlessly integrate into your corporate infrastructure so that you never have to worry about them. Micro Solve believes that computing should be delivered to businesses as a utility, just like the dial tone on a telephone. You simply receive a customized set of business-enhancing applications, centrally-managed and delivered to the desktop for a monthly fee. You never have to worry about how it works or what makes it work - only that it is available and help your employees to be as productive as possible. Having Micro Solve implement a centralized computing environment provides tremendous improvements in serviceability and reliability over traditional computer networks. Patches, upgrades, and new applications are installed on fewer devices, reducing support needs and costs. Each desktop is serviced by a terminal that provides only the input and output that is required. This reduces support costs and improves security, allowing for unprecedented control over the access available to users.

Our philosophy

Micro Solve will look at hardware configurations, operating systems, infrastructure components, as well as software licensing. So that you can spot and fix problems before they impact your business.

How well is it working?

Micro Solve will evaluate your environment to determine if it is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. This provides a baseline that establishes typical operations and alerts you to impending problems.

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